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Quinta do Monte Alegre was born on the sandy paths in the centre of the vineyard plain of Palmela, deep in the wine region of the Setúbal Peninsula.



Since immemorial times, the known origins of the region where Quinta do Monte Alegre is included, vaguely refer to the use of its lands for hunting and gathering of raw materials for the kingdom of Portugal  later dynasties.

The very first vineyard plantations on the lands within the limits of Quinta do Monte Alegre estate, were made in the beginning of the 20th century, according to official records. With the acquisition of these lands by Rodolfo Pereira, the vineyard plantation area on the estate was gradually increased since around 1980s, which later went under significant expansion by the Santana Pereira family from 1990 onwards, as a means of supporting the family wine production needs as a grape supplier for “Xavier Santana” winery in Palmela, founded in 1926 by Xavier Santana himself, the first generation of producers in the family.

The plantation of cork oak, known in Portugal as the “Sobreiro” tree, also occupies a significant portion of the land at Quinta do Monte Alegre to this day. The cork of each cork oak is extracted every 10 years, destined for the industry of cork products.

"Here, I decided to invest in the realization of an old dream: to produce wines of genuine quality that uniquely express this exceptional terroir, following the legacy of wine knowledge and tradition inherited from my father Rodolfo Pereira and my grandfather Xavier Santana."

Fernando Santana Pereira



The technological capabilities acquired with the investment of Fernando Santana Pereira in Quinta do Monte Alegre as a winemaking company, marked the onset of a versatile wine portfolio composed of multi-varietal wines of modern and traditional profiles, exclusively originated in the estate vineyards and also genuinely created in its own wineries — all adding up to a legacy of tradition in making wines that intimately link with the terroir in all phases of the process.

In 2004, the first wines produced on the estate were introduced in the market and categorized in the Protected Designation of Origin “Palmela D.O.“, labelled with the company’s first registered trademark: “Quinta do Monte Alegre“. Throughout a continuous investment on the technology made available to the modern wine industry, and the market research necessary to keep up with the new consumer trends, the wine portfolio of Quinta do Monte Alegre has been growing and improving ever since, including the production of mono-varietal signature wines and also a selection of multi-varietal blend wines, certified within the “Reserva” and “Grande Reserva” protected designations of origin for fine wines produced from batches specifically selected by a rigorous qualitative process reserved only for premium wine ranges. In more recent years, the production of the famous Setúbal muscat wine, better know by its Protected  Designation of Origin “Moscatel de Setúbal D.O.“, was initiated at the estate and is also an essential part of the winemaking legacy inherited from Quinta do Monte Alegre forefathers.

Nowadays, Quinta do Monte Alegre produces an  average of 700,000 liters of wine / per year, and is admittedly holder of an appreciated portfolio of wines that have been steadly distinguished in the last two decades with gold and silver medals won in national and international competitions known for their relevance amongst wine connoisseurs: Mundus Vini, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Vinalies,  IWC, Viniportugal and more. Quinta do Monte Alegre wines also make frequently notable appearances in wine tasting panels that are regularly compiled by the national press specialized in the wine sector (Revista de Vinhos, Grandes Escolhas, Paixão pelo Vinho, Revista Fugas, etc).



Having every step of its wine production established at Quinta do Monte Alegre estate, steered the next business expansion towards offering a genuine experience for the wine-loving public, only possible to get at the origin of its wines and in direct contact with the winemakers stories and surroundings of a terroir privileged by a unique rural beauty and tranquillity.

During 2017, Quinta do Monte Alegre had some areas of its estate totally renovated with wine tasting activities in mind, including a brand new wine store on-site, among other infrastructures to support the commercial activity of the company.  On November 22, 2017, these new public areas were officially inaugurated by official entities of Palmela municipality and invited friends, followed by a brunch event hosted at the estate.